Capsule 002: Inside Out

When you turn a garment inside-out, you see its inner workings, and understand how it’s made. When fashion insiders begin working outside the system, they can challenge and change its inner workings. Capsule 002 is about both.

Interior elements are repurposed for the exterior, from exposed labels and stitching to the unexpected inversion of a trench coat with its checked lining worn atop instead of hidden within. ​​The utilitarian mood deepens with borrowed military icons—the flight suit and parka, the military cape, the bomber. There’s a fresh sense of dimension with new materials (knits, flannel), pops of bright color and bold pattern, and exaggerated silhouettes, all designed to layer.

Capsule 002 features four new bags. The Envelope is five accessories in one, endlessly customizable with a removable clutch, envelope, and mini pouches. The sporty nylon Kyoto recalls a Nineties-style shoulder bag. The Boho is a tote with attitude, and the Soho captures its namesake downtown slouch.

More than 85% of Capsule 002 is made with excess materials. With each capsule, we’ll expand our network of material resources collaborating with us to create change. Our guarantee is that we’ll always use them with creativity, authenticity and integrity.