Our Responsibility

Planet Responsibility is a universal obligation, not an option. It is essential to the future of fashion.

WE-AR4 is the immediate solution. We repurpose luxury deadstock and upcycled materials. The result is thoughtfully designed, elevated essentials that deliver immediate, climate-positive impact and style customers love.

The Brand

WE-AR4 is a New York-based responsible fashion brand with a global mindset, founded in 2021. We are fashion industry veterans who believe that responsibility to the planet is an obligation, not an option. We recognize the industry has reached a moment that demands collective change. We tap our decades of combined experience to rethink the traditional fashion system. Our approach is to reinvent the process from the inside out, crafting our designs from luxury deadstock sourced directly from the finest European mills and world class factories. By doing so, we create a direct path to climate-positive impact, finding a new life for materials that would otherwise become waste. Where others see an obstacle, we see an opportunity to evolve an industry we love, and to give customers responsible choices that they love.