The Brand

WE-AR4 is a New York-based design-to-wear brand with a global mindset, founded in 2021. We are fashion industry veterans who believe that planet-responsibility is an obligation, not an option. We recognize the industry has reached a moment that demands collective change. We tap our decades of combined experience to rethink the way things have always been done. Our approach is to optimize the process, working from the inside out. By repurposing high-quality excess materials, we create a direct path to climate-positive impact. Where others see an obstacle, we see an opportunity to evolve an industry we love, and to give customers responsible choices that they love.

WE-AR4 Capsule II Model sitting in chair


Think Impact

We challenge the way things have always been done by rethinking traditional supply chain models. By shining a light on excess and turning surplus into highly desirable products, we create scalable change.

Imagine Design

We are part of the new fashion system. Our designs are guided by existing materials. Our capsules are unique editions. Each product has its own story with narratives about the material sources, never to be replicated.

Define Essentials

We create design-to-wear essentials for effortless style. Our product doesn’t compromise creative expression or quality. We center individual style over a dictated aesthetic.

Create Communities

We foster an attitude of responsibility by building a community that believes positive impact is the currency of the future.

WE-AR4 is…

effortlessly casual...authentically considered...instinctively spontaneous...unexpectedly witty... all woven together to achieve Momentous Impact

WE-AR4 Co-Founders Anna Bakst and Michele Rutigliano

Message from the Co-Founders

We love fashion. The clothes, the creativity, the curation, the art of personal style. It’s why we’ve worked in the industry for a combined 50 years.

WE-AR4 is driven by this love and powered by our decades of experience working for world-class brands with visionary creative talents. We have founded a brand that places impact at its core while also making timeless, high-quality products that you want to wear over and over. Products that become a staple in your wardrobe. Products that seamlessly weave into your individual style.

The most direct path to sustainability is to buy what makes your heart beat a little faster and to wear it for as long as you can. Our ready-to-wear and handbags give you a head start. By using excess materials, our products have a significantly lower carbon footprint than the same product made in the traditional way. (Making the material—weaving, dyeing, tanning—can account for up to 80% of a new product's greenhouse gas emissions.)

In addition to using excess materials, we try to make responsible choices every step of the way. You can read more about these efforts on our site.

We are grateful for our production partners who have inspired and supported us in this challenging yet incredibly fulfilling opportunity. And we are grateful for you, our customer.

Our journey together starts now.

Anna Bakst & Michele Rutigliano
August 30, 2021