Capsule 003: Perspective

See things you may not have seen before. Re-contextualize experiences.
Release judgment. Shift your mindset… 

Perspective is about taking a journey, in the physical world or in your mind. 

Capsule 003 captures the mood of exploration and deep reflection with a dark austere palette of black, grey and navy. Winter wool gets refined in pinstripes and bold checks with shots of unexpected colors, including jewel tones that are complemented by the subtle additions of icyblues and winter whites.

Sleekly modern, utilitarian design paired with wearable function is inherent to the WE-AR4 brand. Capsule 003 uses these codes and introduces a fresh perspective of smart tailoring and polished essentials, emphasizing refinement and compelling design details- from subtle binding on the Smart Coat, to the reversibility of the Burb Coat, to the curated logo placement on The Souvenir.

Capsule 003 is rooted in shifting perspectives and letting go of preconceived notions, taking inner and outer journeys. Contrasts are polished and juxtaposed—masculine-feminine, hard-soft, oversize-tiny—while distortion and proportion remix the expected. The Hooded Blazer flips the work script with a nylon hood. The Logo Hoodie vibes chic or casual, depending on the wearer. 

Capsule 003 introduces six handbag silhouettes, including the brand’s first backpack, the luxe and minimal Packed; the supremely giftable Grab, with its multiple pouches and functions; and the polished Souvenir, a refined top handle meets crossbody. Whatever your journey, there’s a WE-AR4 bag for it.

WE-AR4’s commitment to planet responsibility is unwavering. By leveraging their longstanding relationships with highly reputable suppliers for excess materials, WE-AR4 is able to create a collection that’s built on 85-95% excess, without ever sacrificing luxury or design integrity. By repurposing excess materials, WE-AR4 reduces the amount of materials that would otherwise have a negative impact when stored or destroyed, and means that their products start their lifecycle with a very limited carbon footprint.

WE-AR4 recognizes that the industry has reached a moment that demands collective change, and where others see an obstacle, WE-AR4 sees an opportunity to evolve an industry they love, and to give their customers responsible choices that they will cherish and want to wear forever. We prioritize you, we prioritize our planet.