Capsule 004: Perspective In Color

Go on journeys that bend the mind. Let intuition guide you. Explore the joys of color.

Perspective In Color adds dimension to your experiences with a shift in mood and mindset: dark turns light; cool becomes warm; reflection gets playful. 

Capsule 004 evolves the tailored polish of the previous collection with a brighter outlook. Vibrant reds and rich blues signal the movement from winter to spring. New ideas and fresh challenges invigorate the spirit – and the silhouette.

WE-AR4’s ethos combines functional ease with pure design. Masculine and feminine overlap with exaggerated shapes, witty details and refined tailoring. 

Just as we repurpose excess material to create utilitarian luxury, we rethink our favorite designs with spontaneous bursts of color and material innovation.

The impact is immediate for the environment and for your style.