Capsule 007: Fire

Energy, power, passion, creation and destruction. The elemental forces that define the cycles of life fuel WE-AR4’s seventh capsule collection, with a focus on the concept of fire. Creative Director Michele Rutigliano harnessed the visual and energetic capstones of fire — its vibrant colors, its wild unpredictability, its ability to raze and create room for something new — in a collection that sparks curiosity, strength and self-assurance.

WE-AR4’s tailored, modernist essentials, always crafted from the highest-quality deadstock fabrics sourced from European mills, are infused with new vigor. The palette is emboldened in colors belonging to a flame — red, yellow, orange and cool blues — distilled into pure silhouettes with sharp, unexpected contrasts.

Capsule 007’s campaign was shot in New York City, WE-AR4’s home. Depicting the connection, creativity, warmth and transformative power of female friendship, the images capture the essence of passion, momentum and fiery spirit of change that define WE-AR4.

Capsule 007: Fire - Look 2 Modal
Capsule 007: Fire - Look 8 Modal
Capsule 007: Fire - Look 14 Modal
Capsule 007: Fire - Look 23 Modal
Capsule 007: Fire - Look 32 Modal
Capsule 007: Fire - Look 38 Modal
Capsule 007: Fire - Look 39 Modal