Capsule 008: Ether

Ether is the space between, evocative of a vast expanse where the essence of being, intuition, creation and spirituality exist. Capsule 008 for Holiday 2022 is dedicated to distilling form and function and building on the essence of what WE-AR4 has established. A concise edit of our vocabulary of refined essentials that elevate the everyday yields something limitless. 

Hero pieces — outerwear, knitwear and trousers — are anchored in classic silhouettes inspired by sartorial men’s wear, Japanese tailoring and sophisticated sport that have been redefined with modern, unexpected details. Asymmetrical silhouettes, exaggerated collars and cuffs and convertible constructions give each piece a sophisticated versatility designed to standout in a timeless wardrobe, so they can be worn again and again. The garments anticipate the future. There is more to come.  

Capsule 008: Ether - Look 10 Modal
Capsule 008: Ether - Look 34 Modal