Capsule 009: Earth

Earth is the foundation of it all — the fundamental source of life, nourishment, growth, creation and stability. WE-AR4’s Spring 2023 capsule connects to the idea of Earth as home, a place of safety and protection for us that deserves and requires unequivocal reciprocity. 

Always concise and refined in design, the new capsule explores the naturalistic and feminine. The palette is grounded in earth tones of black, brown, beige, yellow, green, cream and dusty blue. Smart, minimalistic tailoring and utilitarianism take on softer forms in light, ethereal fabrics with tactile details, such as a raincoat with a removeable knit collar. The silhouette of a tailored blazer is cut with a subtle roundness and has a tie belt that can create a gentle hourglass waist. These feminine curves are echoed in the design of the seasonal handbags.

The capsule is a tight edit of highly considered pieces crafted from upcycled materials to minimize impact and reduce excess. The mission of WE-AR4 remains true — better, more responsible design that takes less from the planet. The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth.