Our Sourcing Strategy

Ethical Circularity

We consider both environmental and social welfare throughout our production supply chain. Some of the most important decisions we will make are our production partners. We start by partnering with suppliers we have previously conducted business with and that meet the high requirements of brands we know and admire.


  • Start building product using excess luxury materials, aka “deadstock”
  • All main materials the customer sees are deadstock.
  • Ancillary materials, such as trims, fillers, hardware, and linings generally are not deadstock as need to be specific to the product being built.

When not using deadstock we go thru the following decision tree:

  • Use materials that exist as replenishment programs (thus we do not initiate new virgin production that results in waste and/or excess).
  • Use materials and trims that are “sustainable” such as recycled.
  • If we do need to order trim materials that are specific to our products avoid creating our own excess and waste as much as possible.
  • If we have excess, re-circulate into the supply chain, including selling materials and scraps to recycle facilities and/or donate to schools for students to use.

Human Capital

  • Establish and implement a Code of Conduct which ensures the safety and wellbeing of the workers, including Human Rights and Positive Labor Practices.
  • We understand our responsibility to ensure our production partners are to safeguard the human capital involved in the production of the our products.

Top Tier Suppliers

  • By working with top tier suppliers, we know they are consistently audited and uphold local regulations and safety standards, including but not limited to being Reach and Prop 65 compliant. We have a Code of Conduct and Factory Audit Questionnaires in place.
  • Source primarily European Textiles as the standards in Europe are the highest in the industry in terms of quality and sustainability.
  • We manufacture either closest to where the raw materials are available or locally in New York City near our Distribution Center to minimize transportation.

Production Partners