The Beginning

WE-AR4 is a New York based responsible fashion brand with a global mindset. Founded in 2021 by fashion industry veterans, Anna Bakst and Michele Rutigliano, who believe that responsibility to the planet is an obligation, not an option.

We recognize the industry has reached a moment that demands collective change. We tap into our decades of combined experience to rethink the traditional fashion system. Our approach is to reinvent the process from the inside out, crafting our designs from luxury deadstock sourced directly from the finest European mills and world class factories. By doing so, we create a direct path to climate-positive impact, finding a new life for materials that would otherwise be down-cycled or become waste.

So how big is the impact? It’s huge. The raw materials for garments and accessories can account for up to 70% of a new product’s GHG emissions. We are thoughtfully scaling the use of excess raw materials in the supply chain to limit the fashion industry’s waste and consequently the connected environmental and social impact. The high quality and authentic design of our products ensure durability and time-less style to extend their life.

Now consumers do not have to compromise between style and climate responsibility. Brands and Retailers have an opportunity to offer customers climate conscious choices. Where others see an obstacle, we see an opportunity to evolve an industry we love, and to give customers responsible choices they love.

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