We recognize that single-use packaging currently exerts an impact on ecosystems at the extraction point, during production, and at disposal. The reduction and reuse of paper and packaging is of paramount priority for the protection of the world’s limited forest resources. It is both imperative and possible to create changes in packaging use, sourcing, production, and end-of-product-use management to support the shift away from single-use plastics and enable conservation of Ancient and Endangered Forests.

Therefore, over the next year, WE-AR4, as a supporting partner of Canopy’s Pack4Good Initiative, commits to:

  • Ensuring the paper-based packaging we use does not include fiber sourced from Ancient and Endangered Forests [1] by end of year 2025
  • Acting immediately and engaging our suppliers to eliminate all products which are found to be sourced from Ancient and Endangered Forests, endangered species habitat or illegal logging
  • Sourcing forest fiber from forests certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) system, including any plantation fiber when recycled fiber and agricultural residue fiber are unattainable
  • Working to eliminate sourcing from tree plantations established after 1994 through the conversion or simplification of natural forests residue
  • Upcycling high quality deadstock materials (excess raw materials in the supply chain) into luxurious products is and will continue to be the foundation of our business model
  • Prioritizing innovative packaging design to reduce overall material needs
  • Giving preference to paper-based packaging with high-recycled content, specifically post-consumer waste content
  • Collaborating with innovative companies and Canopy to continuously expand the availability and development of next-generation solutions with a focus on agricultural residues and post-consumer recycled content.
  • Requesting that our suppliers recognize, respect, and uphold human rights and acknowledge the right of Indigenous People and rural communities to give or withhold their Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)
  • Supporting conservation solutions and seeking opportunities to inform the public on these issues and solutions through our marketing and communications
  • Adopting specific targets and timelines by the end of 2023 to track and report on our progress

WE-AR4 looks to have an immediate sustainable impact together with our suppliers, partners, and customers. We are committed to taking direct climate action and operating responsibly with the goal of giving consumers climate-conscious choices.

[1] Ancient and Endangered Forests such as the Canadian and Russian Boreal Forests; Coastal Temperate Rainforests; tropical forests and peatlands of Indonesia, the Amazon and West Africa. Ancient and Endangered Forests are mapped in ForestMapper and further defined in A Quick Guide to Ancient and Endangered Forests